This is the first in a series of blog’s that will appear at least once a week. Now, if I get excited, and my fellow employees throw me a bone, I may on occasion write more than one in a particular week. This introductory blog is just to get my paws wet and introduce myself and my family to you interested readers. My family is the Lupini family, the owners and operators of Loyal Termite and Pest Control; one of the largest independently owned termite and pest control companies in Virginia.

My name is Hunter. I am the only Certified K-9 Termite Detective in Central, VA. I live with Daddy Nick, the President of Loyal, and MaMa Gena, Vice President of the company. Nick oversees the Termite Division here, and Gena oversees the Pest Control Division. I don’t remember much about being a puppy, however; I’m told I was rescued from a pound in Florida. I then took my basic and advanced training in termite detection and graduated “Magna Bark Loudly” from a renowned training academy. Once certified to sniff out pesky wood eating termites, I came up here to Richmond to live, and work, with my new family.


Bottom Decor

First, your staff took my call this morning and managed to indeed have someone come by my home this afternoon! I did not get your dispatcher's name but he was very "can do" in trying to help.

Even more impressive, was the fact that Gretchen was the member of your staff that re-worked her schedule in order to fit a service call to our home into her schedule today.

She showed up at the time she said, and then she insightfully diagnosed our exact pest issue like a veteran detective!

I strongly suspect you get many accolades about Gretchen's expertise and customer support. You can certainly add us to that list. She is an outstanding representative of your company!

- Kurt