Hello, Loyal friends and "dog-blog" fans. Thank you for joining me this week for another dose of bug wisdom; brought to you by Loyal Termite and Pest Control and me, Hunter, Central Virginia's exclusive K-9 Termite Detective.

I mentioned in an earlier blog, I was sitting in Daddy Nick Lupini's office one day, when I asked him to help me think of fresh subject matter or content, if you will, for my weekly blog. In my past blogs, and in all my future blogs to come; I want to continue to provide you with interesting termite and pest control information. Information that should help you better understand the various household pests found in our Central Virginia Region. Daddy Nick said, "Hold on a minute, Hunter". He then began to write down a nice long list of ALL of the bugs, insects and other critters our highly trained technicians go on service calls, daily, to get rid of for our clients. It's from that list that I discovered we service for the Powder Post Beetle. Enjoy!

Welcome back, Loyal readers of my “dog-blog”. If you remember from my first few blogs; I promised that every 10th blog I will give homage to the very talented, dedicated, hard-working employees of our company. Loyal Termite and Pest Control has been on a consistent growth spurt the past few years and with that comes the need to hire more technicians, office staff, inspectors, and sales representatives. The Lupini family has been very careful to hire only individuals with impeccable backgrounds, who display a desire to perform their designated duties with care, precision, and dedication to our Loyal customers.

Each Friday Daddy Nick reads customer comments or (testimonials), about their positive experiences dealing with our Loyal employees while they perform their daily pest control duties. He then passes them on to me to post in my blog. This is the 60th blog in my series What’s Buggin’ You? Therefore, welcome to the 6th edition of The Loyal Team All-Stars – All Star Review.

Clover MitesAbout 3 months ago I sat down in front of my Daddy Nick Lupini, President of Loyal Termite and Pet Control, and we had a long talk and bark session about my blog and what I should be writing about. This is the 59th Hunter’s Blog, “What’s Buggin’ You?

Since I’ve slowed down a bit working in the field, sniffing out termites, I’ve decided to spend more time concentrating on my blog. It is very important to me that my “dog-blog” fans tune in each week and find some worthwhile value in the subject matter that I write about.

Daddy Nick gave me some sound advice, he said, “We are a pest control company that is very proud to serve the pest control needs of our customers. This geographical region, Central Virginia; is ripe with many, many, different varieties of household pests.” “Hunter, he said, “You’ve done a great job writing about any and all subjects relating to pest control and pest control management. Just stay the course. I’ll give you a list of pesky critters that are on our hit list that you haven’t written about yet. Why don’t you just start with this list? It should keep you busy for several weeks and your readers will continue to enjoy learning everything that is important to know about being a responsible household pest manager.” I always listen to my Daddy Nick. Why? Because I know what side of the bread is buttered? He buys my food and treats, Frisbees and balls! Of course, I listen to my Daddy Nick!

cocroaches58I hope all of you Loyal “dog-blog” fans have been enjoying my series on; Cockroaches Common to our Central Virginia Region. Just kidding; enjoying may be the wrong choice of words; cockroaches are far from sexy creatures. Interested readers may be the correct term in that, if you understand and recognize a cockroach when you see it, by reading my blogs, you will remember the traits and habits of each and know how to handle the situation based on the cockroach species you are dealing with.

Last week you learned about the Wood Roach and their preference to stay outdoors and consume organic matter from wood and plants; where the American, German, and Oriental love to be inside your home in a damp environment, feeding on just about anything that is available. This cockroach blog will be the final in this series; it is focused on the Brown-Banded Cockroach.

I hope you Loyal readers of my “dog-blog”, What’s Buggin’ You?, have been enjoying my series on cockroaches native to our geographical region. This is the 5th installment (counting the introduction to roaches blog) of the 6 part series. Next week’s blog will be about the Brown Bandit Roach. Nice name huh? This blog will give you all you need to know about a bug most of you have seen many times during your lifetime, but never knew what the heck it is. This little bugger is the Wood Roach.

The wood roach is often thought to be the cousin of the American roach. Wood roaches eat decaying organic matter and are attracted to light, whereas most roaches run from light. This fact is the reason I know most of you have seen them and do not know what they are. Question? Have you ever come home at night during the spring and early summer months where your entry door is very well lit with a relatively high wattage white light bulb? I’m sure you have spent a few moments unlocking your door while there is a ridiculously large mob seen of insects and bugs of all kinds attracted to the light. You’re familiar with the moths, as well as, the ones that look like very large mosquitoes (it seems like every time you enter the house, one or two of those buggers sneak in and soon hang around your kitchen ceiling light); well, the ones that are a bit larger, brownish in color, beating their wings all to heck, smacking you on your face and head, creeping you out because you think a few have got to be flying down your shirt collar; these little nasty pests are Wood roaches. Now you know!


Bottom Decor

First, your staff took my call this morning and managed to indeed have someone come by my home this afternoon! I did not get your dispatcher's name but he was very "can do" in trying to help.

Even more impressive, was the fact that Gretchen was the member of your staff that re-worked her schedule in order to fit a service call to our home into her schedule today.

She showed up at the time she said, and then she insightfully diagnosed our exact pest issue like a veteran detective!

I strongly suspect you get many accolades about Gretchen's expertise and customer support. You can certainly add us to that list. She is an outstanding representative of your company!

- Kurt